We provide comprehensive services for removal of blemishes, seborrhoeic warts, moles, tags, and skin cancers. Dermoscopy and siascopy are used to screen all moles for skin cancer. Suspicious lesions are sent for histological testing by a pathologist. Such minor non-cosmetic (medically necessary) procedures as lesion removal are often covered by private health insurance plans.

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Surgitron is a radiosurgery technique for removing benigh tissue by shaving it without bleeding or sutures and has minimal scarring. The cutting effect known as electrosection is performed without manual pressure or crushing of cell tissue. Heat is generated by resistance to the passage of a radio frequency wave applied by a fine wire surgical electrode. The heat disintegrates and volatises the cells in the path of the radio waves. This effects razor sharp, yet bloodless removal of unwanted and often distressing benign moles, skin tags and nodules. Treatment is effected under local anaesthetic.

The treated area appears raw immediately after surgery and develops a scab. Five to ten days later fresh skin appears which gradually blends in to the normal skin colour. Large and ugly moles are best removed by this method if they are prominent and above the skin's surface. It is not a good way of removing skin cancers where complete excision is reccommended to reduce risk of skin cancer cells left behind.

Radio-surgery is also used to apply linear cautery to spider veins of the face.


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