Secrets of Success

Alexander Karat

Book can be purchased in "St.Petersburg" book stores in Brooklyn, NY.

E-book version is available for Apple, Amazon Kindle, and Android devices.

Book is also available in Russian

The book "Secrets of Success" tells the story of the famous New York doctor, a talented military surgeon, public figure Alexander Karat (Karachunov).

Dr. Karat's life is almost a legend. People pass the incredible stories of his biography by the word of mouth. Doctor's bright personality, his extraordinary charisma attract people's attention and charge others with positive energy. The unrestrained optimism and cheerfulness, love of people, desire to help are the main distinguishing features of his. His motto is: do not give up, never complain, do not blame anyone, there is always a way out of dare situation.

However, Doctor Karat's path to the heights of success was not easy. The book "Secrets of Success" consists of his outspoken stories. It's an incredible story, full of amazing events and drama. Doctor faces ups and downs, anxiety and doubts, but again and again he finds the strength to press ahead. Life seems as an endless struggle, and only decisive actions allow his achieve his goals. Every time, when he is seemingly falling into the abyss, never to come back - for Karat it is only a pit-stop, a time to rest and recover, only to go higher next.

He started out as a student at the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, makeing a brilliant scientific and medical career. He was awarded numerous government awards and the prestigious European professional trophies. He almost died of asphyxiation on board a nuclear submarine stranded at the ocean's bottom, performed surgeries on wounded soldiers under sniper fire in Afghanistan. He was betrayed by his own country when he openly spoke against the political system. He went through persecution, harassment, military court and the military prosecutor to ultimately protect his honor and dignity. In 1992, Alexander Karat was forced to leave the country and emigrated to the United States. Having passed all the necessary exams and confirming the title of medical doctor in America, he graduated from the residency of the most prestigious medical center of the world, the New York University Medical School, becoming a successful businessman, founder and president of the Karat Medical clinic.

Alexander Karat is the author of over 70 scientific papers.

The book "Secrets of Success" will be useful to a wide range of readers, immigrants, and anyone who wants to succeed in America.