Doctor Alexandre Karatchounov

Dr. Karatchounov is the founder as well as the leading physician at Karat Medical Clinic. He specializes in Rehabilitation medicine, advanced ultrasound treatments, laser, electro-stimulation therapy, skeletal traction, paraffin bath treatments, fitness medicine. He’s highly skilled in addressing chronic pain syndrome, acute musculoskeletal disorders, and other chronic conditions. Dr. Karatchounov also specializes in stroke rehabilitation, comprehensive postsurgical and injury rehabilitation. Dr. Karatchounov utilizes radiosurgical technology for corrective surgery, scarless removal of moles, lesions. Dr. Karatchounov uses non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Botox, Perlane, Juvederm injections for facial contouring and elimination of wrinkles.

Carrier Highlights

  • Successfully completed internship in surgery and fellowship in pain management at the New York University medical center;
  • Is Alumni and Professor of the St.Petersburg Military Medical Academy;
  • Has authored more than 70 scientific researches and thesis's.
  • Is the winner of the "Golden scalpel", the European award for best young surgeons;
  • Has 30 years of successful medical practice at the best hospitals of St. Petersburg (Russia) and New York;
  • War surgery experience in Afganistan (Chief Surgeon at a Combat support hospital) and Navy surgeon under extreme conditions of submerged run. Assigned with the most prestigeous military awards.

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