At Karat Medical, we are a team of board certified physicians and highly trained specialists:

Doctor Alexandre Karatchounov

   Doctor Karatchounov is the founder and leading specialist of Karat Medical Clinic. He specializes in rehabilitation medicine, advanced approaches to ultrasound, laser, electro-stimulation therapy, skeletal traction, paraffin baths, fitness. Treatment of pain syndrome, musculoskeletal system acute and chronic diseases. Rehabilitation after strokes, injuries and surgical operations. Radiosurgery for dermatological disorders - removal of growths leaving no scarring or fibrosis. Cosmetic procedures - injection of Botox, Perlane, Juvederm for elimination of wrinkles.

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Doctor Irina Shammay

Doctor Shammay holds a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from MGH Institute of Health in Boston. Having participated in research study of neuromuscular diseases, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis for a number of years, she currently works with patients suffering from motor skills disorders, displaced disks, arthritis, muscular pain, elbow, arm, foot and back pain, dislocations, tensions. She also provides stroke and bone injury rehabilitation; her nutrition consultations help patients archieve weight loss goals.

Doctor Michelle Zhubrak

   My name is Michelle Zhubrak. I’m a podiatrist, born and raised in New York. I was drawn to medicine after my grandfather passed away due to complications from diabetes. I discovered my true calling after visiting the podiatry school in New York. During my visit I learned about foot complications caused by diabetes. I wanted to be on the forefront on the treatment and prevention of these complications. My desire to learn more led me to Dr Armstrong, a world-renowned leader on the treatment of the diabetic foot. During my vacation time in school and residency I would travel to Arizona where I spent time with Dr Armstrong learning about the latest advances in the treatment of diabetic foot complications. After I completed three years of residency at New York Community Hospital I went back to Arizona to complete a one-year fellowship in treating the diabetic foot.

My father started leading a healthy lifestyle after my grandfather passed away. Together we started running. In 2011 I completed the New York City Marathon. I also enjoy dancing and am a certified Zumba instructor. As a podiatrist I take pride in my ability to help keep my patients active. My goal is to prevent injury through patient education. If injury does occur I am prepared to treat it. When I am not treating patients I enjoy exploring new cultures, food and places. Most importantly I enjoy sharing a laugh with the ones I love.

Dureus Feler Jonathan, Occupational Therapist

Dureus specializes in treating upper extremity disorders, stroke rehabilitation, postsurgical, injury rehabilitation, and chronic pain syndrome.

For many years I have been dealing with severe lower back pain. Doctor Karatchounov immediately diagnosed my problem and recommended a series of treatments that given me a virtual pain free life.

                    -- Boris W.

My therapist showed me how to live again. Before, I could hardly sign my name for all the pain and numbness. Thank you!

                    -- Julia M.

I have never had physical therapy before. It was such a pleasant experience to receive the help I needed at Karat Medical. Everyone is friendly, professional, and caring. Thanks so much!

                    -- Michael R.

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